Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anti-imperialism: imminent invasion of Venezuela

The decree announced yesterday by president Obama declaring that Venezuela is now considered an “extraordinary threat to the national security” of the United States, and imposing sanctions on seven government officials, has sparked a strong reaction by the Venezuelan government.

In the government’s anti-imperialist rhetoric, Obama’s announcements fit well as “evidence” that the United States is behind what it claims are an “economic war” and “on-going” coup conspiracies.

Yesterday several government officials, including president Maduro, declared that Obama’s announcement is part of a broad conspiracy to overthrow the government and that it signals an “imminent” intervention by the US government on Venezuela. Some officials have been calling for a strengthening of the “civic military union” in the face of what they believe is a prelude of an invasion by United States forces.

Maduro announced that he will be asking the National Assembly a new Anti-imperialist enabling law, granting him unspecified special powers to fight the alleged imperialist threat. According to the president, the law will be an “instrument to safeguard the sovereignty and peace of the nation.”

“President Barack Obama, representing the imperialist elite of the United States, has decided to personally assume the task of overthrowing my government and to intervene in Venezuela in order to control it. (…) This is why it has taken this step today,” said Maduro.

Here are several anti-imperialist images shared yesterday via chavista social media:

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