Friday, March 27, 2015

Maduro will ask Obama to hand over Miami conspirators

During the Summit of the Americas to be held next month in Panama, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro will ask U.S. president Barack Obama to hand over to Venezuela’s justice the members of what he called a “conspiracy center” in Miami which is “conspiring against the Venezuelan economy.”

“I am going to tell president Obama in Panamá that he is keeping a center which is conspiring against the economy and attacking the [Venezuelan] currency and commerce. It is directed by people who are fugitives of Venezuelan justice and who [act] from Miami,” said Maduro.

According to the president, the web page dolartoday, which has become the benchmark for the black market Dollar, is part of a conspiracy lead by Venezuelan banker Eligio Cedeño. Maduro argued that dolartoday represents a perverse “virtual economy” which does not correspond to the “real” Venezuelan economy. 

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