Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Venezuela’s birthers report their findings

The Nuevo Herald of Miami reports the result of an investigation lead by Venezuelan opposition deputy Walter Márquez on the supposed real birth place of president Maduro.

Márquez declared that Maduro “was born in Bogotá, according to the verbal testimonies of people who knew him as a child and according to the documentary investigations we did.”

The investigations seem based on the declarations of ten witnesses interviewed by Márquez: “These people knew him [Maduro] as a child, they are now around 90 years old, they claim to have known Maduro’s family, and to have met him when he was born, before he was taken to Caracas.”

Marquez did not give much details on the “documentary” side of his investigation, but there are powerful reasons for this: He admits that, despite a careful search in Bogota’s public notaries, he was unable to find a Maduro’s birth certificate in that city.

However, Márquez claims to have found several notary books with missing and mutilated pages, and “some people to whom I spoke to informed me that the Cuban G2 had carried searching activities, unknown to the Venezuelan security services, and that the birth certificate of Nicolás Maduro in the Republic of Colombia had disappeared.”

[The paragraph is even more confusing in its original in Spanish: “Algunas personas con las que se conversó, informaron que el G2 cubano había hecho un trabajo de rastreo para que no se enteraran los organismos de seguridad venezolanos y había desparecido el acta de nacimiento de Nicolás Maduro en la República de Colombia”, enfatiza el documento.]

Márquez also claims that Maduro’s birth certificate in Venezuela is a forged document, and that the president has also lied about the birth place of his mother, claiming that she was born in Rubio (Venezuela) when she was really born in Cúcuta (Colombia).

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