Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anti-imperialist tribune

Here is a small selection of some of the most poetical expressions of anti-imperialist sentiment made in the past few days, taken from pro-government web page Aporrea and the opinion page of the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias (AVN).

Rafael Guillén Beltre writes for Aporrea he fears that president Maduro’s courageous discourse asking congress to grant him especial enabling power to fight imperialism could make him the target of “new” assassinations attempts by the enemies of the revolution. He argues that “the satanic elites that dominate the world under a collective hypnosis of the human race –which for them is but a flock that should always be docile and subordinate,- could not come to terms with the fact that an extraordinary leader such as Hugo Chávez awakened the people as he did, with the infinite force of the greatest love ever poured by a leader on his people.”

Marcos Melendez, in Aporrea, warns that the imperialist invasion in imminent and will be very swift: “any Venezuela who does not own an airplane that can take him out of the country within a period of 25 minutes should be alert and united [cohesionarse] in rejecting this hideous recipe applied by the Obama administration under the pressure of economic groups, who want to see a return for the money they have invested in overthrowing the Venezuelan government, and to put their hands on the biggest oil reserves of the planet.”

Leandro Lev, Aporrea, is concerned that if the government fights the imperial invasion with the same tools it has fought the “economic war”, Venezuela is doomed: “In the economic war we have handed the weapons (dollars) to the enemy. That’s something like, in the face of a supposed invasion, we hand our rifles to the señores gringos.”

UCV professor Franklin González via AVN writes that in the face of the imperial threat, the time has come for the Latin American people to unite in support of the Venezuelan government: “Faced with this new threat, which is serious and has similar characteristics to aggressions rehearsed in the past, it is the time for solidarity and support [resteo] of the Bolivarian revolution by the people and governments of Latin America and the Caribbean, beyond [only] disagreeing with this cynic and meddling [injerencista] policy [they should] commit to its rejection. For patriotic Venezuelans the time has come for convictions, not for hesitation.”

Hernán Mena Cifuentes, AVN, claims that the “extraordinary” development of the United States was achieved by using the raw commodities plundered from Venezuela, “until, through the actions of the Bolivarian Revolution lead by Chávez, whose example was followed by other progressive and revolutionary leaders, they were rescued from their claws.”


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