Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Herique Capriles has been counting conspiracy claims made by the government

I’m not the only one monitoring conspiracy theories in Venezuela. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles claimed yesterday  that this year the government “has denounced 11 conspiracies, including 4 suspected magnicidios.” 

According to Capriles, Maduro wants to break a record held by Castro: “One [conspiracy] per month. He wants to break Fidel Castro’s record of 640 denunciations of magnicidio in 48 years, that’s 14 per year, which means 1.5 per month, less than Maduro.” 

Capriles also ventured his own theory about the magnicidio claims made this week: “What I really think, and we need to pay attention to this, is that they [government officials] may try to eliminate each other. (…) Also, in the face of the elections of December 8, they could try to simulate anything, because they know what the current electoral reality is.”

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