Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maduro will take measures against the economic war

As commented before in this blog, President Maduro does not believe that the recurrent scarcity problems in Venezuela are due to price controls, an increasing reliance on imports, and a decrease in local production, as some specialists think, but to an “economic war” waged by the “fascist right” and its foreign supporters.

Yesterday (August 23), Maduro announced that he will hold a meeting with his economic cabinet “in order to face the economic war that is being sustained by some sectors. We will defeat them, so I don´t want them to complain later.” He added that “those that are making some products scarce, what they are really doing is waging and economic war against the people.”

Referring to previous meetings he held in May this year with local business owners, he declared that “we went to them in good faith, with an open hand and with a smile. But some are insisting on sabotage. (…) Enough! Some sectors do not understand good manners.”  

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