Monday, August 26, 2013

Rodríguez Torrez: Two Colombians detained for magnicidio conspiracy

Today Interior and Justice Minister Rodríguez Torres announced that during a government intelligence operation denominated “Yellow File,” two Colombian citizens have been captured in a hotel near Caracas. According to Rodriguez Torres two rifles with telescopic sight, ten Venezuelan military uniforms, and “pictures of Maduro and Diosdado Cabellos,” were found in the hotel room. Authorities are still searching for third suspect.

Rodriguez Torres stopped short of accusing the Venezuelan opposition of being behind the plot, but he did claim that Colombian ex-President Uribe Velez has knowledge of it: “He has a relation [with the plan] and he is linked to drug trafficking groups.”

Minutes ago President Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) tweeted the following:

“The immediate reaction of the right in the face of the capture of the sicarios confirms their lack of scruples. Alert!”

“It is also an indication of the dangerous game in which they are moving. We will continue to guarantee peace even in the face of conspiracies.”

“I want to thank the Colombian Government for its cooperation in the identification of the sicarios and the rest of the hired gang recently captured.”

“I want to congratulate Minister Rodríguez Torres and all the patriotic personnel of SEBIN for the impeccable work they are doing for the peace of the country.”

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  1. Pictures? Were they concerned they wouldn't remember what the president looks like?