Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maduro: Amuay refinery explosion was sabotage by the right

Yesterday (August 24) President Maduro repeated the claim that the explosion a year ago at the Amuay oil refinery was the result of sabotage by the right: “Sabotage has been proven, I want to announce it. It was sabotage by desperate sectors because they believed that by burning down a refinery they could win the elections against Chávez, but not only did they not win, they were swept [coleteados] by the people.”

Maduro also announced that the evidence of sabotage will be made public in the next days: “The fire at Amuai was the product of sabotage, the proofs uncovered by an international technical investigation will be shown in the next few days. The right has no scruples when it comes to harming the fatherland.”

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