Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maduro: Is Obama weak?

President Maduro reacted strongly to revelations by Rodríguez Torres that two sicarios were apprehended yesterday near Caracas, allegedly with orders to carry out the assassination of Maduro or Cabello. The President repeated claims made earlier that the conspiracy had been plotted from the United States: “The conspiracy comes directly from the United States and we have enough proofs of that.”

He also directly questioned Obama: “President Obama, is it that you don’t know that in the United States there is a conspiracy, by the group of Posada Carriles, monitored and tutored by Otto Reich and Roger Noriega, to carry out terrorist acts and a magnicidio in Venezuela? Is it really that President Obama doesn’t know about this? Or is it possible that President Obama is so weak that decisions to kill a head of state in Latin America are being taken in the United States, and he knows nothing about it? Or maybe he does know, but there are power groups in the United States that have decided to assassinate me and he cannot stop them? Or could it be that he has decided to eliminate me physically.”

Maduro went on to complain that the local opposition was trying to ridicule the conspiracy  allegations: “They show a strange nervousness, they think it’s a joking matter.” On the contrary, Maduro claimed it is very a serious issue because, he said: “after the physical loss of Comandante Chávez, the international right began a conspiracy process against Venezuela in order to destroy this prodigy [portento] we have become. (…) I have no doubt that the main leaders of the fascist right agree with these types of magnicidio plans. They don’t accept the fact that the Venezuelan people are now the government, they don’t accept that this man here [Maduro], this man of the streets, is the President of the Republic and that he is consolidating the Bolivarian Revolution.”

After explaining that the leaders of the opposition wanted a scenario similar to that of Syria, Egypt, and Libya, “war of all against all, chaos and the intervention of the United States Army disguised with blue helmets,” Maduro warned the opposition that “the wrath of the gods, of the people, will fall on you, leaders of the right, and our fatherland will then enter the most feverous of general insurrections.”

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