Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maduro: dirty electoral campaign for municipal elections financed by the CIA

President Maduro warned yesterday (August 24) that the “Venezuelan right” has begun a dirty war campaign for the municipal elections of December 8.

He declared: “Let us be ready to face all the psychological wars, the dirty wars, let us prepare the consciousness of the people so that we can win.” He mentioned as an example of a “dirty war in order to generate chaos,” the recent news that young women were assaulted in Maracaibo and had their hair forcefully cut in order to be resold as hair extensions. According to Maduro, those claims are only rumors: “Who created that dirty war of young girls having their hair stolen? It was J.J. Rendón [opposition electoral campaign consultant], he was the one that created that rumor. One day he will face Venezuelan justice. He is part of a psychological campaign to affect our youth with the elections in view.” 

Maduro added that “There are proofs that some of these groups that are now part of the apátrida right have been trained in the United States and in some countries of Europe and that they are directly financed by the CIA.”

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