Friday, August 30, 2013

Maduro accuses Washington of “economic war” against Venezuela

Yesterday (August 29), President Nicolás Maduro accused the United States of planning, since the end of July this year, an economic war against Venezuela “in order to generate chaos in the country.”

Here is a translation of Maduro’s words:

“In the White House, President Barack Obama -and I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because perhaps he is not aware of this information-  in the White House, there was a meeting at the end of July of the chief of the Bureau on Venezuela of the Department of State, two representatives from the Pentagon that deal with issues on Venezuela and Latin America, three representatives of the Department of State, two representatives of the National Security Agency, one representative of the CIA, and a person from the White House close to him [Obama]”

“They updated the economic war against Venezuela during that three hours meeting. Two persons from the Department of the Treasury reported on the economic war against Venezuela. We have knowledge of this.They were making calculations of a date for the economic collapse of Venezuela, then for a date for a social explosion and then, according to these macabre minds, a chaos in Venezuela as we have seen in Egypt.”

“They said that they are preparing a transition government for Venezuela to be installed following the chaos.”

“I received this information from people that love Venezuela, people that want peace. Those people are not socialists or anything like that. They come from the United States, from Washington DC, they come from there. It was a person that used to provide Comandante Chávez with key information, and this persons saved Chávez´s life several times, from attempts to kill him, and evil things that. This person alerted him of the possibility that he could be inoculated with a disease many years ago. And the same persons sent us this information, with a lot of precautionary measures, because the paper with the information has travelled around the globe until it finally made it to our hands last night.”

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