Friday, August 23, 2013

Maduro and Ramírez: plans to destabilize the oil industry

Here is the complete note published yesterday, in English, by the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias on the claims made by Maduro and Ramírez that “unpatriotic rightists” are plotting to sabotage the oil industry. (The translations by AVN of declarations by Ramírez and Maduro are slightly different than mine.)
Caracas, 22 Ago. AVN.- Conservative groups would be devising plans in state-owned oil company PDVSA to destabilize the oil industry as they did in 2002, causing losses by at least 18 billion dollars, warned Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.
In his Twitter profile @NicolasMaduro, the President called on PDVSA workers to be on the alert and mobilized.
At a first message, he urged: "Watch out comrades in PDVSA. Those people have plans to harm the industry once again and blame the Revolution, let's be active and mobilized."
Then, Maduro called on PDVSA president and oil minister Rafael Ramirez to go on with Venezuela's main economic activity through a socialist and revolutionary path.
"PDVSA has proved that it is stronger than the entire evil of unpatriotic rightists. Come on Rafael Ramirez, let's defeat through the path of revolution."
Similarly, president Maduro expressed solidarity with PDVSA workmen who suffered aggressions on behalf of conservative legislators at Paraguana Refinery Complex.
In turn, minister Rafael Ramirez informed that a group of conservative legislators had attacked a manager at Paraguana complex, so he called on the population to defend the oil industry.
"We condemn fascism and offensive on behalf of far rightists against PDVSA and its workers. Venezuela shall be respected," posted Ramirez also in the social network.
In the face of this situation, president Maduro said: "To PDVSA workers, my entire support and solidarity for the aggression endured yesterday from rightists who insist on sabotaging the country."
 AVN 22/08/2013 15:47

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