Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Diosdado Cabello: The NGOs conspiracy

The President of the National Assembly and vice-president of the PSUV, Diosdado Cabello, has his own television show on the public channel Venezolana de Televisión.

In last night’s program Cabello claimed that there is a vast conspiracy led by local NGOs linked to the “continued coup by the right” with the aim of imposing “a capitalist scheme in the country.”

The conspiracy, according to Cabello, includes several local NGO leaders linked to a “world NGO called Global Sharpers Community, backed by the World Economic Forum and founded by its current president, Klaus Schwab.” This organization, explained Cabello, “advices and recruits young people interested in the areas pf political and institutional economy all over the world, and in Venezuela it counts with the active participation of Juan Rodrigo Diamanti.” (director of the local NGO Un mundo sin mordaza –“identified with the right” according to AVN.)

Cabello said that he will soon provide local judges with the evidence of this conspiracy compiled by government intelligence services. He did not specify why he had access to the intelligence reports or why they haven’t been handed directly to the judiciary by the intelligence services.

He did however reveal the list of names of NGO leaders he accuses of participating in the conspiracy: Carlos Beltrán, Giuvana Molina, Alejandro Otero, Juan José Pocaterra, Mariana Ramírez, Nicolás Cárdenas, Daniela Panaro, Carlos Beltrán Pérez, Ivonne González Vela, Alexandra Wilker Osorio, Mariana Ramírez Uzcátegui, Fanny Brizuela, Luis Andrés Rodríguez Millán, Henry Rafael Magdaleno, Roberto Patiño, Andrés González Silent, Linda Briceño, Víctor Romero, Daniela Paoli, Alfredo Romero.

Cabello also provided an explanation on the part these NGOs play in the conspiracy. Apart from channeling international fund for a “continuing coup” and recruiting young people, these organizations are committing the crime of “twisting reality” by claiming that capitalism is better than socialism: “They try to present the [socialist] model as ungratifying to humans, thus they try to turn reality upside down. [The truth is that] There is no model more ungratifying, and that produces so much unhappiness to humans, than capitalism…”

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