Thursday, May 8, 2014

Murder of chavista leader was a State crime

President Maduro and Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres have argued that the murder of chavista leader Eliezer Otaiza was part of conspiracy plotted from Miami.

But the Spanish newspaper ABC has published a story about an alternative conspiracy theory: Venezuelan opposition politician Pablo Medina believes that Otaiza, as well as Danilo Anderson, Lina Ron, and William Lara before him, were all killed by the Venezuelan government in order to cover up other political crimes or inconvenient revelations these leaders were about to make public.

“As in the case of the murder of Danilo Anderson, everything points to a State crime. There have been comments in government corridors that Otayza was about to tell international media the truth about the fraudulent death of Chávez,” declared Medina     

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