Sunday, May 25, 2014

In the next few days… the evidence of a coup against Maduro…

President Nicolás Maduro announced today that soon he will finally show of a coup d’état he claims was attempted against his government by “business people and politicians [politiqueros] of the right.”

“In the next few days I will speak out about some of the issues that are ready, about how the bourgeoisie planned to directly grab power [dar un zarpazo] in the past days, during the guarimbas [barricades],” said Maduro.

He also explained why the evidence, despite several announcements by government officials, has not yet been shown: “We have remained silent [calladitos] because we want to be on a sure footing. Venezuela, be ready! I will show proofs, testimonies, and I will show them directly to the Venezuelan people.”

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