Wednesday, May 7, 2014

They will attack our soldiers and steal their weapons

Interior, Peace and Justice Minister, Miguel Rodríguez Torres added yesterday an important new piece of information on the conspiracy by the “extreme right” which he has decoded (descifrada according to the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias.)

The Minister participated in the President’s radio show “En contacto con Maduro”, and told his host that the conspirators are activating a new violent phase of their plan, which would consist in “attacks against our soldiers [centinelas] of the Bolivarian Armed Forces in order to steal their weapons and then use those weapons against the soldiers and the people.” 

Rodríguez Torres also explained how he has come about this new of information: “through intelligence work, specialized units, and the denunciations made by the Venezuelan people.” But he added that anti-conspiracy work is still needed in order to make the task of informants more effective: “we have to make available more lines of communication so that the people can make their denunciations. We all need to work together so that we can dismantle these residual fascist groups that are still around and that are now turning into insurgent groups.”

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