Saturday, May 3, 2014

“El Aviador” identity revealed by Rodríguez Torres

Contrary to what I incorrectly reported yesterday, Minister Rodríguez Torres did mention “El Aviador” in his press conference. He is Rodolfo Pedro González Martínez, and Rodriguez Torres claims that he is the “logistical operator” of the guarimbas in Caracas.

“This gentleman is the logistical articulator of all the operations in Caracas. How do we know this? Because of his computer: that after two days is still revealing valuable information for the investigation,” declared Rodríguez Torres.

Here is a good summary of yesterday’s press conference published by Últimas Noticias, including several screen shots of Rodríguez Torres’ power point presentation.

Here is commentary by Willy McKey of the rhetorical devices (mis)used by Rodríguez Torres during his explanation of the “strange circumstances” of Eliézer Otaiza’s murder.

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