Monday, May 5, 2014

Use previous conspiracy theories as evidence for new conspiracy theories

If you lack the evidence to support your conspiracy theory, you only need to quote your old conspiracy theories, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t show any evidence for those previous theories at the time you first presented them.

You can also quote other conspiracy theorist –such José Vicente Rangel, for example, as supporting authorities, it doesn’t matter if they have shown no evidence either.

Finally you can appeal to common knowledge, since everybody knows that the Empire is always conspiring.

Take all the material compiled in the previous steps and put it up on a powerpoint presentation, be sure to include as many links as possible, and add a long list of names of opposition leaders, human rights activists, journalists, foreign political leaders, business people, and just ordinary citizens. Claim that this powerpoint presentation is, in itself, a “document” proving your theory.

The result of these self-referential rhetorical devices is a sense of compounding evidence that “speaks for itself”. You can now use your new conspiracy theory as evidence for future conspiracy theories.

Read the note published by the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias on yesterday’s interview to Interior, Justice and Peace Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres. The title of the note is “Putschist plans date back 10 years, Interior Minister says.”

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