Thursday, May 1, 2014

What motivates the opposition?

In the official narrative of recent protests in Venezuela, these are not driven by legitimate grievances. Instead the opposition is guided by obscure anti-patriotic motives. According to President Maduro “They [the opposition] do not accept that Venezuela for the first time owns its natural resources, that it is absolutely independent and sovereign, and dos not ask or accepts advice from anybody in this world.”

As the opposition is incapable of accepting this newly won national independence, it resort to repeated coup attempts in order to regain power and hand the nation’s natural resources to the Empire. Maduro explains: “They tried to do it during February, March, and April, and they are trying to do it again now. They have vanguard groups of crazy people that don’t care that we won the elections, and that want to create chaos and fish in troubled waters. (…) [Behind these groups] are the imperial sectors that want to lay their hands on Venezuela and put an end to the example of the Bolivarian Revolution, and they want to take the oil from our fatherland, and also put the economies of China and India on their knees by [taking] their energy [sources].”

The disgruntled opposition, according to Maduro, is acting according to a plan already practiced in Ukraine: “The same thing happen in Ukraine. A group of Nazi terrorists toppled a democratic government. How did they do it? Well they hired from 3,000 to 4,000 mercenaries that collapsed the Ukraine capital and this led to the overthrow of Yanukóvich (…) and then they handed power to Ukraine’s ultra-multi-millionaires.”

The President has announced that tomorrow (May 2), Interior, Justice and Peace Minister, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, will present a detailed report of the evidence of a coup d’état gathered by Venezuelan intelligence services. Maduro advanced that the group behind the coup includes “two very heavy narcos,” one US citizen, and one person of Arab origin named Jayssam Mokded Mokded. He also mentioned again “El Aviador” as leader of the group, and added that “some opposition actors are very nervous, (…) they know that he is a key figure and that they have been training him for more than four years for terrorism.”   

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