Friday, February 6, 2015

Cabello: if you don’t believe my conspiracy theory it’s because you are part of the conspiracy

National Assembly president Diosdado Cabello said today, at a meeting of the High Command against the Economic War, that politicians from the opposition are not against the economic war the government claims is being waged against it, precisely because the economic war is their creation.

“The parties, the politicians of the opposition are not here because they are playing the economic war game against our people,” declared Cabello according to El Universal.

“Have you ever heard them defending the people against hoarders? [No,] they are mute, and when the government intervenes they come out and they defend capitalism,” he added.

He also accused the United States of being the master mind behind the conspiracy because the local opposition “does not have the brains” to do it: “every step is directed by the United States, we are dealing with the enemies of the Fatherland.”

Cabello also predicted that the conspiracy will never end because “Venezuela has become an example that a system different form capitalism. They [the US and the opposition] will continue to conspire and we have to continue defending the people.”

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