Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mounting evidence of coup attempt

It seems the strongest evidence the government has of the coup d’état it claims it has foiled last week is the confessions the several air force officers arrested. According to the president of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello, those officers have confessed their links to opposition leaders Julio Borges, Maria Corina Machado, and Antonio Ledezma.

A second piece of incriminating evidence is a video shown by Cabello in his TV show Con el Mazo Dando. In the 25 seconds video a group of people in a room display what look like military uniforms. According to Cabello the video corresponds to the moment right before the conspirators were getting ready to film a second video. The second video would be conspirators’ message to the country once the coup had been successful and the government overthrown. That video has not been shown by the government and it is unclear if it is in their possession.

Opposition leader Julio Borges has denied the government’s accusations. He said the claims are absurd and assured that he and his party (Primero Justicia), are concentrated on the coming legislative elections.

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