Saturday, February 21, 2015

Maduro will show evidence, just not today…

In a rhetorical move often practiced by the government, promising to reveal evidence in the future, president Maduro announced yesterday he will show “more evidence” of an alleged coup plot against his government, only that such evidence will not be shown today, but on Tuesday. On that day Maduro said he will present “very conclusive and revealing recordings about the participation of these coupist sectors.”

Yesterday the PSUV mayor of Libertador Municipality, Jorge Rodríguez also announced that later, “in the next few hours,” he would provide evidence on the plan by the coup plotters to bomb with a Tucano plane “strategic objectives in Caracas.” But no such evidence was later shown.

Rodríguez however also declared that it should be sufficient and “public” evidence of Ledezma’s participation in the conspiracy the fact he had repeatedly told the media that he believed in the “need to get rid of the Maduro regime.”

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