Saturday, February 7, 2015

Polarizing Economic War

President Maduro has ordered that the supermarket chain Día a Día be put under the control of the government’s distribution chain PDVAL. The director of Día a Día has been arrested on charges of “boycott and economic destabilization.”

Maduro also assured that he has evidence of how opposition leaders pressured Farmatodo and Día a Día so that they would wage the economic war.

For Maduro this economic war he claims is being waged against his government has a polarizing consequence. He asked the people to “stand firm” against the economic war and warned that there is no middle ground, “if you are not with the government you are against it.”

“It’s either them: the oligarchy, the parasitic bourgeoisie, with the empire, or it’s us: the Fatherland, the people, the right to live. There is no middle ground [medias tintas] here, everyone must define where he stand, you are either with the Fatherland, with the people, or you are with the oligarchy and the empire that wants to harm Venezuela,” insisted Maduro. 

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