Thursday, September 19, 2013

0800-SABOTAJE is already receiving tips

Mayor-General Gustavo González López, Secretary of Security and Intelligence Unit of the Electricity System, informed yesterday (September 18) that the phone number 0800-SABOTAJE has received close to one thousand calls in its first 48 hours since its establishment. “It is an instrument that can be used by anyone, from all [political] perspectives, for security, defense, and protection,” he declared.

The phone line was announced last week as part of the measures of the “Superior Organ for the Defense of the Economy,” a new governmental agency devoted, according to President Maduro, to fighting the “economic war of the fascist right.”

General González López did not specify how many of the 1,000 calls were actual denunciations of sabotage events against the electric system. He did declare that his unit had “acted in a little more than 350 cases.” (efectuamos un poquito más de 350 actuaciones.)

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