Monday, September 16, 2013

Maduro sets “small traps” for private media

Maduro said yesterday (September 15) that his recurrent language blunders (millones y millones; libros y libras) are in reality small traps (trampitas) he plants in his discourse in order to break the conspiracy of silence he claims the local private media is maintaining around the government’s accomplishments.

According to Maduro the “stupid, fascist right” quickly uploaded the video of his latest deliberate “gaffe” on the web via twitter, and in that way he was able to make people watch him handing out millions of free books to students.

“This is good because in the video they have to watch where I say ‘we handed 35 million libros y libras’. Since in their hatred and contempt they refuse to see reality, I am forced to search for ways, and I have several positive baits, to take the truth to their obscure, dull, contemptuous, hateful, and racist minds,” declared Maduro on national cadena.

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