Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Maduro: the media acts as an enemy of the fatherland

Today President Maduro insisted on his claim that the local private media is part of a plot to destabilize the country. Maduro has been protesting against what he perceives as a lack of coverage of his government’s accomplishments.

I re-blog the English note published earlier today by the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias:

Caracas, 18 Sep. AVN.- Nationwide and regional media chaired by bourgeois people and families with "lineage-linked surnames" made a cartel against the revolutionary and democratic governments and they are trying to destabilize the country, stated Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday.

"They are trying to make conditions for a social outbreak, serious problems of economic stability. It happens everyday," Maduro criticized during the opening of a highway exit in Miranda state.

Also, the President criticized the political and unpatriotic stance assumed by private media owners who have ordered to create a biased campaign of opinion in newspapers, despising the beginning of the school year in the country.

"Who may be bitter because the school year starts? In front of the happiness of children who wake up, fathers and mothers happy because that day they iron uniforms of their children and take them to school?," Maduro wondered.
President Maduro stressed as well that one of the main achievements in the bolivarian democracy is the guarantee of a public, free and high-quality education, which is besides characterized by the allocation of books for free among all children.

"But if we see headlines in the bourgeois media, those with big names, they are engaged in a plan to destroy the bolivarian revolution, they are committed to deprive people from their rights. When people did not have rights, they acted as a society of accomplice, concealing all their lies," Maduro remarked.

In this connection, Maduro called on conscious people in Venezuela to be aware before attacks of conservative sectors, whom he called "enemies of the fatherland. This media acts as enemy of the fatherland."
 AVN 18/09/2013 08:43


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