Sunday, September 8, 2013

Maduro: White House plans “total collapse” of Venezuela

Yesterday (August 7) during a meeting to launch a Communal Councils Census, President Maduro announced that he has firsthand information of meetings in the White House, between the US government and the Venezuelan opposition, to plan the “total collapse” of Venezuela by October.

He declared: “I have all the data, the dates of the meetings in the White House, the names of those who were present in the meetings, the plans they made. They think that by October Venezuela will collapse, they have planned it that way, they will sabotage food distribution to the people, the electricity, fuel, refineries…”

However, Maduro is confident that this conspiracy against the country will fail because: “Venezuela today is conscious of its historical moment, and has political, military, and social strength. So I can assure that the North American Empire will be the first to collapse, before Venezuela collapses. (…) Venezuela will not collapse because of sabotage. We are going forward.”

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