Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Do Venezuelans really believe it’s all sabotage?

Not according the results of a poll by the Instituto Venezolano de Análisis de Datos (IVAD) conducted in July this year (before the September 3 blackout).  IVAD asked for open responses to the question: who is most responsible for the current electricity crisis in the country?

Responses were grouped as follows:

The national government: 43.4%
Lack of investments: 0.4%
Saboteurs: 3.2%
Energy Minister: 4.3 %
The People: 6.4%
The weather: 0.1%
Lack of maintenance: 5.6%
Previous governments: 2.3%
Corpoelec/Electric Industry: 18.9%
Workers: 0.6%
The Governor: 1.8%
Bad administration: 0.5%
The Mayor: 1.0%
Others: 0%
No answer: 11.5%

Adding all the categories that could be loosely understood as that “the government” (national government, lack of maintenance, Energy Minister, Corpoelec, and bad administration), 72.7% of the respondents believe the government is responsible for the crisis. Only 3.2% mentioned saboteurs.

(There are also some strange categories I don’t quite understand: The People? (el pueblo) What People?)

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