Monday, September 9, 2013

Minister Ramírez: Amuay explosion was deliberate sabotage

Oil Minister Rafael Ramírez assured yesterday (September 8) that, after series of investigations, the explosion at Amuay of August 25 last year, was “the product of deliberate sabotage.” 

The main evidence presented by Ramírez was that the gas leak that eventually caused the explosion was an “abrupt” leak and not a constant, progressive built up of gas as, according to Ramírez, would have been the case in an accident. 

For the government “abruptness” seems to be a new favorite form of evidence for sabotage. During the September 3 blackout President Maduro also tweeted that the event had been “strange and abrupt,” which led him to suspect that: “the extreme right has taken up again its plan for an electrical coup against the country.”

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