Monday, September 23, 2013

Clone Hugo Chávez, just like a Mammoth

This is not really about conspiracy theories but something far better. It takes the Comandante Eterno motto a bit further…

The Raelian movement -An extraterrestrial “Elohim” scientist met prophet Rael in 1974 and told him they had created all life on earth- has proposed the cloning of Chávez.

Here is my translation of their press release:

We Propose the Human Cloning of Hugo Chávez Frías

Caracas, August 30, 2013. Alan Rojas Sánchez, the spokesperson of the Raelian Movement, on his visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has expressed the following: It would be positive for the world to bring back to life a leader with the characteristics of Hugo Chávez: his sensibility, compassion, respect, great sense of equality, and his desire to construct a more humane world, all of which led him to be named a Honorary Guide of the Raelian Movement in 2002.

Furthermore, the policies implemented during the time of the Presidency of Mr. Chávez are very close to the Paradism Paradism is a political system proposed by Rael, the spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, the implementation of the paradist political system on Earth would allow people to live without money or the need to work, and this would turn our planet into a real paradise.

Alan Rojas also proposes that one of the daughters of the late president should act as a surrogate mother for the gestation of the clone of Hugo Chávez. Thus, more genetic fidelity would be assured, declared Rojas. This scientific possibility of bringing back to life a human being is supported by the recent advances in genetics. Russian scientists have been working to bring back to life extinct species, more specifically: Mammoths from Siberia. This advanced science allows us to imagine that cloning will allow humans to live eternally…

The Raelian Movement affirms that all life forms on Earth were scientifically created in a laboratory by an extraterrestrial civilization called Elohim.

Friday 6 September 3013.

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