Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Blackout and sabotage

A massive blackout hit half the country today, including parts of Caracas, at around 1:00pm local time.

Some States are at this time still without electricity and already some government officials are saying they suspect sabotage.

President Nicolas Maduro said that the blackout was “strange and abrupt,” and has ordered the mobilization of the Armed Forces.

According to the Sibci twitter account, Interior Minister Rodriguez Torres declared minutes ago that he did not rule out sabotage in an incident of this magnitude, and that investigations are already under way.

Maduro wrote on twitter: “at this time everything seems to indicate that the extreme right has taken up again its plan of an electrical coup d’état against the country. All active and on the alert. Venceremos

“I ask all the support of the electric workers and of the people so that we can advance into a new stage in our struggle to vaccinate the electric system against sabotage…”

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