Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More details of the Total Collapse plan

In a news conference yesterday (September 9), President Maduro gave further details of the plan “Total Collapse” against the Bolivarian Revolution he claims was designed by Washington.

Maduro said he has evidence of a special meeting in July in the White House attended by representatives of the CIA, the Department of State, and the Pentagon, to “evaluate the situation in Venezuela.”

According to Maduro this is what was said at that meeting:
“the regime is consolidating, we were not able to delegitimize the revolutionary government that emerged from the victory of April 14, [the regime] has begun to occupy spaces and to develop its project with a good level of participation from the people, the Government on the Streets [Gobierno de la Calle] is dangerous because it could help to consolidate the revolutionary government.”

Therefore Maduro urged his followers to be “on maximum alert over this Total Colapse plan. (…) We have to permanently denounce these plans that are made in Washington and Miami and that are later executed by a reemergent fascism incarnated in the leaders of the right that have taken over the Venezuelan opposition.”

As evidence of the plan Maduro claimed that the Amuy refinery explosion last year was an act of sabotage aimed at affecting the results of the October 2012 presidential elections: “The big coup was Amuay, because the political aggregate of the Embassy of the United States in Venezuela told several people that Chávez was going to win the elections, and that only an extraordinary event could change public opinion.”

(Since the White House meeting was in July this year, this must mean that the “Total Collapse” plan is retroactive.)

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