Thursday, September 26, 2013

Magnicidio in New York

President Maduro declared yesterday (September 25), on national cadena, that he canceled his scheduled trip to New York to speak at the 68th United Nations General Assembly because he feared for his life:

“There were two provocations [planned], one more serious than the other. It seems to me impossible to think that Obama might be informed of this situation and lets it happen under his own nose. (…) I decided the suspension of my trip to New York and I returned to Caracas instead in order to fulfill my maximum objective, you [Venezuelans] know [the objective]: to preserve mi physical integrity, my life, and the honor of the Venezuelan people.”

Maduro explained that one of the plans in New York was to “produce violent circumstances in New York, and the other one was to affect my physical integrity.”

As to who was behind these planned “provocations” he stated that “the clan, the Otto Reich and Roger Noriega mafia, once again had planned a crazy, terrible, provocation, because these things cannot be qualified in any other way.”

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