Saturday, September 28, 2013

Maduro: They are hunting me, and I am no rabbit

Two mayor plots to kill President Maduro were revealed this week.

One was the planned “provocation” in New York by Otto Reich and Roger Noriega that precluded Maduro from attending the United Nations Assembly, The second was the “Airbus Conspiracy,” a plot by the “international right” to assassinate Maduro by sabotaging the presidential plane: “The international right knew that I had a long trip to China, and they were making their calculations.”

“They are hunting me, and I am no rabbit,” said Maduro yesterday, “they think that by taking out Nicolas Maduro, they will finish off the Bolivarian Revolution.”

Maduro is now making almost daily magnicidio plots announcements. It does seem, as he claims, that preserving his own life has become the “maximum objective” of the Revolution.

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