Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maduro threatens with a new phase of the Revolution if conspiracies continue

At a meeting yesterday (September 28) in Vargas with the PSUV’s campaign structure leaders (the Unidades de Batalla Hugo Chávez), President Maduro delivered a strong warning to the opposition:

“If we continue to determine the presence of pernicious, anti-constitutional, illegal elements of psychological, economical, and electrical warfare against democracy; I have put down a date and I will take especial measures to push for a new phase of the Bolivarian Revolution, and for this I ask for the support of the Socialist Party.”

Maduro did not specify the date of the ultimatum, but said that on October 5th “the people and the army” will swear a special oath. “We cannot be weak,” he declared and added that the case of evidence of an electric sabotage or of any other “violent perturbation” the Dirección Política Militar knew what it had to do: “you know where to go, take over power in every avenue, in every highway.”

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