Saturday, September 7, 2013

National Assembly deputy asks for investigation into Chávez’s death

National Assembly representative for PSUV María León has announced that she will be collecting one million signatures to ask the Fiscalía (General Attorney) to conduct an investigation into the causes of death of President Chávez.

Deputy María León is part of a women’s Colectivo called “Chávez’s Guardians [guardianas]” which will be leading the signatures collection drive.

León has little doubt of the result of the investigation she is asking for and accused the “North American Empire” of being responsible for the death of Chávez because: “wherever a leader of the category of our President emerges, they act.”

She did however express some concern about the negative effects of the constant claims not supported by evidence made by the government: “They all say something different and point accusing fingers. I say: let’s ask for an investigation. If everyone has a different version of what happened, we only increase people’s anxiety.”

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