Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Kellogg’s Froot Loops Conspiracy

If you read Spanish check the article “Kellogs conspira contra la Revolución Bolivariana,” published in the pafletonegro web page by a supposed Law Professor of the Universidad Bolivariana in Carúpano, Carlos Henández. 

Hernández has been detailing the Froot Loops cereals box his children have been eating and has discovered some disturbing hidden messages against the Revolution. In the rear of the box there is a puzzle and a cryptic message: “Tu puedes ayudar a SAM y a sus sobrinos a llegar a los deliciosos Froot Loops, ahora que el hombre de las nieves está dormido. ¿Sabes cuál es el camino?”

For Hernádez, the message is clear. “Sam y sus Sobrinos” are Uncle Sam and his local puppets of the “fascist opposition”, “deliciosos Froot Loops” are the delicious Venezuelan natural resources coveted by the Yankees, “el hombre de las nieves que ahora está dormido”, is Chávez, and “¿sabes cuál es el camino?” is a clear reference to Capriles’ electoral campaign motto “Hay un camino”.

Thus, Henández believes, the Empire had been “planting the evil apátrida seed in our young forgers of the fatherland.”

The post has already more than a 150 comments debating if it is a joke. My personal opinion is that it is obviously an apocryphal text mocking conspiracy theories by the government. In any case it is symptomatic of the conspiracy theories fatigue I have been arguing about.

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